How a Lightroom Plugin Changed My Instagram Habits

As professional photographers, we've all had the struggle of finding an efficient way of posting our photos to Instagram accounts. Whether you are on Mac or PC, it's always a hassle to get your photos from Lightroom to your phone.

On Mac, you first needed to export from Lightroom, open up the file location, then Airdrop it to your phone... this means you need both your computer and phone on the same network. From there you need to write out your caption on your phone. Frustrating to say the least. An for Android, it is even worse, needing to export from Lightroom, upload to Google Drive, then downloading the photo to your phone, and then writing a caption.

I found this awesome plugin for Lightroom that takes your entire process and makes it simple. This plugin is called "LR-Instagram," found for free on The plugin is donationware and I encourage those who find it useful to donate to the developer. Once you install the plugin to Lightroom, it becomes extremely simple to do everything from uploading photos to Instagram, to easily apply captions to your Instagram --  and all from Lightroom!!!

After installation, LR Instagram will pop up in your Publish Services in the Library Panel like this.

You'll need to click a similar button to the "Set Up" buttons you'll see in the services above. From there you'll log into your Instagram Account, and finish setting up the plugin. You can even set up multiple accounts to make your life super easy!

Unless you want your images that aren't perfectly square to have to a border, you'll need to select the "Force Crop for Instagram" and click insert to make it so that your images are perfectly cropped for Instagram.

For your caption, it is super easy, just change it to "Caption," which will allow you to type in the caption for your Instagram post within Lightroom! For the example above, the caption will be "For being a rainy day, this couple pulled off the most gorgeous engagement photoshoot at The Griffith Observatory." This will be automatically placed as the caption for your image once you upload it!

To put a photo into the upload queue, drag it from the filmstrip in the bottom to the "LR-Instagram" publish service.

Once it is within the LR Instagram Publish Service, click into "Instagram Photos." Here you'll be able to select the photo you want to push to Instagram. Click the Publish button and it will be live on your Instagram page within seconds!

I really hope this provided some insights into how I am able to easily plan out my Instagram posts and make it super simple to stay on top of your Instagram game!